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How to add text to image and save the image

Well, here's what you have to do.
1) First, select an image
2) Enter some text in the textbox. The text that you will enter will be placed over the image.
3) The text that you see over the image is draggable. So, drag and drop the text anywhere over the image.
4) Finally, click "Save the Image" button.

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Add text to Images freely online on

Why do you leave your images plain when there is an opportunity to add customized and outstanding texts before sharing them on preferred platforms? On, you have the option to generate standout images using chosen words, front styles and effects that are really eye-catching as well as jaw-dropping when viewed. 

Don’t hesitate but bring those awesome images and the add text option to the perfect messages, short quotes with few taps on the icons on the website. This amazing tool enables the creation of contents for your social media posts, flyers, banners and so many more 

How/Ways  to add text on on your chosen images

What are the ways to easily get this process done as well as save the1 Image to your devices? Well, here’s what must be done to achieve it. 

Step 1:  First, select an image and upload from a device to get the process started. 

Step 2:  The second text is to ender your own ideas or text in the box provided on the website. The text or ideas entered into the box is placed above the selected images or uploaded images. Use to create messages/ text to the image to personalize with effects and fonts style as desired.

Step 3: The text or message seen above the image is draggable. Just drop the message as desired on your image.

Step 4:  Finally, select the button tagged, “Save Image” to access your images on your device. Go ahead and download the images  in order to share to all your platforms instantly.

Customize images with add text function

Add text function on is a creative way to add messages to form a sort of labelling to images. On, simply use the tool in 4 steps, that is, 4 taps on the suggested buttons to follow the instructions to achieve your aim. It will amaze you what will be achieved by adding your short messages, quotes or short write-ups. Try it and see the wonders!

Simple, Fast and Effortless tool usage on presents a simple, fast and effortless process on her website which is available for usage by all to add short text to images for diverse purposes. Select the image and explore different aspects on the website to add texts or styles that make your images stand out. At last, tap the “Save image” button to download to your device. It should be noted that the original image uploaded on the website is not altered in any form.

Free, Protected and Secure 

Add text on is freely available and it is a tool that  is free, protected  and secure. There is no need to go the extra mile for the installation of any application or software to engage this website tool to attain your purposes. Plugins are necessary to utilize the tool on the website and be assured that there will be no disturbances by any ads, popups or unnecessary applications suggestions. Images are protected as they are not distributed over the web. So, be at rest and you will get the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add text to images using the add text tool?

Well, you don’t need to exert all your energy to do this easy process. Simply click on and use the add text tool function to apply your message to your images in the shortest time. After going through the 4 easy  steps, your image is ready to be saved to your device. Do it!

How do I write a text on images?

It is super simple and fast to write a text/ message on any image by using the that and image files uploaded to the website. It is a great opportunity to work on your own projects to your satisfaction at any time. Get started now!

How do I add a photo to images?

This tools is coded for adding text only, you can’t add a photo. However, you can try our other tool which help you to add a photo to images online for free.